To create your very first project in SWART, from Welcome Window please select Create a New Project option

On Create New Project Window please fill the necessary data:

  • Project name
  • Path to the Elf file
  • Path to the Project Architecture file
  • Path to the Hardware Resources file
  • Optional: Path to the Architecture Layout file
  • Optional: Path to the Tasking Utility Tool hldumptc (available only for Tasking compiler!)

You can use Browse buttons located on the right to open File Explorer and to easily locate necessary files.

In case of Project Architecture and Project Hardware Resources files, you can Create them directly instead

To check how to Create Project Architecture and Project Hardware Resources files, please check Project Architecture Dialog and Project Hardware Resources Dialog

After all data is filled, click on Create New Project button

After project is created you will be redirected to the Main SWART Window

Because it is just created project, Snapshots do not exist. To start Analysis and create a new Snapshot, click on Start Analysis button in Project tab

or from Main menu select Analyse and then Start Analysis option

After that we need to wait for Analysis to finish.

Once you create the Snapshot you can always load it later. Snapshots can be accessed from dropdown list located in Project tab

and loaded using Load Snapshot button

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